Our Fleet Management systems(FMS)

Public and private-sector organizations of many types and sizes operate fleets of vehicles and motorized equipment to fulfill their missions. To simplify the manual work of fleet management, With your detailed requirements we have designed and developed an user-friendly, reliable, effective solution called FMS(Fleet Management System). This system automates the business process of fleet management by providing solutions for routing information, vehicle assigning according to the cab request. Reports can be generated for all kind of SMS reporting as well as tracking of cab.

  • This vehicle fleet management program will enable you to record, manage and consult all information concerning your vehicle fleet quickly and efficiently. It is designed not just for large transport firms, but service companies and businesses, too. Whether you have a fleet of 3 or 1000 vehicles to look after, we have the solution to meet your expectations.
  • NTL Technology is designed in order to achieve the most professional fleet management. Our two way message system is based on gps and gsm technology and provides our clients accurate data on all vehicles, thus enabling them to use their resources in the most efficient way and adjust quickly to unexpected changes.
  • Our Professional fleet management system helps to make the organization more efficient like Cut expenses – More efficient travel routes result in less overtime payment and lower fuel consumption. Close supervision over vehicles’ condition makes it possible to fix them as soon as a problem is detected, and thus cut repairing expenses.
  • Increase revenues Better planning enables the company to take more incoming calls and provide better and faster service to its clients.

Monitoring drivers’ performance and taking action against reckless drivers helps to prevent accidents and save lives.

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